Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ashanti Travel Pillow and Sleep Mask Set

Lately, I feel deflated after fabric shopping. It's like I'm darting among shops but still nothing catches my eye. I often come back home empty handed. Very disappointed. Well, At least it shows my impeccable self-discipline that I'd rather buy nothing than build unnecessary stash, ha!

Among the many talents M's got, he's truly good at getting food from a catered party. That sounds irrelevant. OK besides that, he's got this way of approaching people in an oddly alternative manner that most people have to give in. He's somehow got himself involved with Ashanti shop in Kloof Street, and got some sample fabric home to see what product ideas we can come up with. The fabric looked shockingly colorful for my grey/brown/black taste, but after a while, it kind of settled down a bit. Or, perhaps it's the side effect from seeing Louisa's wardrobe from the movie Me Before You, I'm considering entering a color episode myself.
These woven fabric pieces are actually quite unique. Check their bean bag collection, and their behind the scenes page. I'm not affiliated to the company, but it's always good to hear a story and see where and how the products are made.
As I'm typing this, M's taken the travel pillow and sleep masks for a proposal meeting. Whether they like it or not, it's not important to me, because I know there's a little person in my house who will happily put them on and pretend that she's on an airplane (first class apparently) all the way to London.


  1. They look great! I had a look at the bean bags - good thing I'm far away or I might be tempted to buy one...

    1. Ha! That's indeed a good thing. Actually you need to watch your purse and stay away from anything beautiful, especially fabrics. :-)