Monday, August 8, 2016

A Stenciled Tee and Shorts Combo for a Proud Dog Walker

As my daughter's gone deeper and deeper in this dog phase, our shoes have become ever so muddier from the trail road walks on the mountain, with our neighbor's dog. To be honest, I'm slowly reaching a point where I'm starting to lose interest, but she's persistent, even though most of the time, the dog is ahead of us...

Originally I wanted to make a stencil out of a photo of C and the dog together, but the silhouette was a bit too blurry to make out who's who and what's what, and I'm no good at improvising. So in the end, I found a picture online and traced it on freezer paper. C was eventually convinced that it's a dog turning its head and looking at us, instead of a sheep.
This tee shirt is a modified winter-friendly version of a pattern from Girls Clothes I Want to Make. Shorts are from my favorite book at the moment Kana's Standard for Kids. Luckily, the book has more pants/shorts styles than dresses, as I've been given clear instructions not to make another dress. I suppose I need to wear more dresses myself to ignite some copying behaviour?
We are in the trench of another two public holidays this week. Time to take the dog for another walk, maybe. I really have no complaints whatsoever now that it's become a solid motivation for C to go for walks.
Have a great week, friends. I hope I will come back with a winning dress.


  1. Shorts and top both look great. I bet the dog's happy to have some extra walks!

    1. Thanks, Marisa. Tons of responsibilities though. I'm just glad it's not our dog :-)