Friday, August 19, 2016

A "Gold Digger" One Piece

The extra errands this week has indeed disturbed my sewing plans. You know, it's just the usual excuses of routine maintainence appointments, extra cooking and cleaning. Why do weekends have to be filled with good food and friends? OK, I do enjoy that bit, so I really should stop complaining. But choosing a one-piece like this to tackle during a busy week was not a wise move.
Let me get straight to it. The pattern is from Mano Akiko's book Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids -- there's an English version as well. I had been avoiding to make this dress for a long time. I love it but it looks complicated. Not necessarily difficult but time consuming with thousands of little pieces, gathers and pleats. I guess I'm just used to my quick fixes. I bought too much of that metallic linen -- which I also used here, so I needed to make something big to use it up a little. The center piece is an Asian themed quilting cotton. It's hard to see in the pictures, but the outlines of the images are gold and have that metallic shine, too.
I know C says no more dresses, but what do you call this, really? Long shirt/dress coat, or simply long top or one piece? The mind can be easily persuaded with a cappuccino muffin, for the photoshoot at least. Whether she'll wear it, I will have to wait and see. I'm glad I have stuck to a size that's smaller than her height. It's loose and have plenty of room to grow.
It does look a little on the dressy side, mostly due to the fabric's golden hue. I'm flipping through the calendar right now to see if there's any kind of special occasion she can make use of this "dress" before summer hits.
Until next time.


  1. All those pleats and details would have put me off too - but the result is really lovely. And that gold linen!!

    1. Thank you. It indeed took longer than expected to sew, but now that it's made, I'm liking it.