Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Zipper Pouches with Sashiko Stitching and Blockprinting Experiment

I have a confession to make...
I might have picked up a new hobby, or two...
And like always, they are time consuming ones.
I'm fallen in love with Sashiko Stitching. I could do it all day long, if I was allowed. It's more theraputic than washing dishes.
And once you've done your stitching, why not making a zipper pouch out of it? I used fabric tracing paper to trace a pattern onto a piece of dark fabric. With light color fabric, I stuck both the pattern and fabric on a window and used a water soluble fabric pen.
From there, I played with different depths and shapes of pouches. I'm quite happy with the shape on the right. I think it's got a good proportion, with blunt corners.
Played with some blockprinting ideas, too. The only fabric paint that's available on the market here is Dala range. It often needs multiple coats, especially with light color paint on dark fabric. However, I left it as is after a single coat. The colors are not solid, but it kind of shows a handmade imperfect approach, by accident. Many-moons-in-a-dark-sky themed purse?
And look at that. I've ordered some labels from Nametapes. These are woven labels and I'm really happy with the quality. I had a few ideas of DIYing my own labels, from stamping to print on transfer paper. I'm glad I went with a professional service in the end. After all, I like my things to be more handmade than homemade.
The leather strings are from Woodheads. I bought 1 meter each from 8 colors. Indecisive syndrome....
Happiness is three pouches in one go with a bunch of experiments and firsts.


  1. They're really nice. Love the metal zips and of course your beautiful sashiko stitching! The labels look good, too. I've only done rubber stamping using fabric-safe ink (I have just one colour, which makes it a bit limiting!) so can't give you any advice about the paint... maybe you'll have to splurge and order some from amazon or something.

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    1. Thank you, Marisa. When I make any stencil painted images, I have to paste several layers to make the colors look not too weak. With stamping, it's impossible to put the stamp on that exact spot again and again. Most things from Amazon aren't shipped to South Africa, and when they do, it's unaffordable with the taxes and handling fees. I shall keep on trying with local products for now.....:-S