Friday, July 22, 2016

Basic Tee with Japanese Linen Pants

Lately, my days start with discomfort triggered grumble produced by C, totally unrelated to the school day early morning routine. She stretches and twists her arms and pulls the tee shirts down as far as she can. It's the inevitable side effect of wearing clothes that are too small for you. Yep, she's outgrown hundreds of tee shirts I made for her last year, except for this very recent one made out of a bigger size.

She's currently in between sizes and even as a sewing mama who is on the constant manufacturing mode, I don't like making clothes that fit her just right. There's no room for growth. But of course, the downside is she sometimes wears clothes that are teeny weeny loose, which is OK. I made the pants from the exact same pattern one month ago, and somehow they are already on the short side. We are not going to talk about curvy bottoms on children today, but there's definitely tension pulling them up around the hip area.
The solution was to go for a bigger size. With seam allowance already included on the pattern sheet, tracing anything from Kana's Standard for Kids is hassle free. Even though these pants share the same colorway with the school uniform pants, they are not to be mistaken. The fabric is a piece of Japanese linen that I bought a while ago. Because of its stiff feeling, I had the experienced shop owner checked and rechecked, burnt and testified, that it's 100% quality linen. Perfect for almost everything. I originally wanted to make a long dress/coat for me, but since I've been using it here and there, I had to convince myself that it's served better purposes.
The tee shirt, like this one, is a modified version of a basic tee pattern from Girls Clothes I Want to Make. Another grown-up style outfit, wouldn't you say?
And last one from my little C, "I want to introduce this Aloe Vera gel to the world." A home industry commercial product model is in the making.

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