Monday, July 18, 2016

A School Holiday Survivor

As a proud school holiday survivor mom, I feel I need to report to my very neglected online space. It has reminded me of my school years when I dreaded writing that holiday news just before the start of a new term. It's a compulsory habit, you see?
I had it all worked out when the holiday started. From my past painfully unsuccessful experience, I knew I had to devote myself to this holiday wholeheartedly, which means I had to forget about sewing. The idea of involving your kids with whatever you are doing sounds ideal but it's impractical in real life. That 5-minute child involvement could cost a whole lot more time for you to set up/clean up, and more importantly, it could cost your sanity. There's nothing worse than having a kid with a grumpy attitude, or boredom oozing out of their face. I had a good sense of achievement when I still had a few activities uncrossed on my list by the end of a holiday. And I feel I could live in this chronic holiday survival mode, at least for another week.
One of the very few wise things I've done in my life is getting a watch that monitors and motivates my fitness level. I still had weekly goals to achieve but with a child that's not keen on being tagged along to the gym, I started to run around the house and eventually C had picked up running, too. If you'd ask me, that's the highlight of my holiday. Well, that and our safari tour.
Have you read this article about letting your kids be bored during holidays? I have. But I gave up reading half way. It was a bit long and I knew it wouldn't work on my daughter who clearly suffers from OCS -- Only Child Syndrome. I surrendered myself and had a good fun time with my her. After all, mom duty always comes first. Clothes making can never beat memory making. Am I right?
C's embraced a good third term with a bunch of holiday news to share and me with machines plugged back in, ready to charge.
See you soon.


  1. Sounds like you not only survived, but kept C well entertained! You've earned yourself some sewing machine therapy now :)

    1. Ha...I shall keep myself sedated with the machine till the next holiday hits. :-D