Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Block Printing Apron

Can you sense that we are in a dog phase right now?
More than two and a half years ago, we introduced two kittens to our family. This cat-owner journey's been bitter sweet. Soon after that, C was diagnosed with asthma and the test result showed that she's allergic to cats (!). As it turned out, that it's not very easy to rehome a cat. Till this day, we still cautiously live with one cat. And because of the allergy, C's not allowed to go too close to the cat, and the cat has no access to our bedrooms whatsoever. We're not a proud cat family if you'd ask me. The most asked question these days is "Can I get a dog?" I took her to the lab and did a blood test last week, not because we're getting a dog any time soon, but I simply want to make sure this time around that she's OK with dogs, if we ever get one in the far future. After the result showing negative on dogs and still positive on cats, that question has evolved to "When can I get a dog?"

I got out of bed the other night as the idea of making a block printing apron kept me awake. I've had plenty trial and errors with that textile printing method, but sometimes, you just gotta trust your instinct and be persistent, right? I carved the lino block, stamped the fabric and felt so very content afterwards. It's the best result so far and I'm quite happy with this washed, handmade look.

Take a closer look at the prints. The colors don't look solid. And because of the imperfections, they look very organic to me, in a good way....

The construction of this apron (free pattern here) is very simple and it will last a very long time because of the adjustable tie. C's on a mission to collect these animal cards. The supermarket also sells a little speaker that you use to hear the animals' sound by swiping them in a slot, like how a credit card machine works. She's totally in love with them that nothing can separate her from those cards... The bandana on her head was a Japanese tea towel. Doesn't she look like a waitress in a sushi restaurant?
There she was, already back at the card mission after a few quick shots. The paint brush props I took out were barely touched. But nevertheless, either a little waitress or an artist can make use of the apron. She seems to be quite satisfied for now with something wearable full of dog prints.
It's a win!


  1. This is a super apron - love the dog design! There is a product Petalcleanse (from Amazon) which is a lotion to apply to cats/dogs to remove the allergens from them. My mum (allergic to cats) uses this on her cat and it works really well. Give it a try.

    1. Thank you. Our vet did mention most of these products are from the States and hard to get. The products usually work better on dogs than cats, as cats groom themselves by applying more saliva on the hair. Poor cat, it's not his fault...