Sunday, June 19, 2016

Chicken Stencil Tee + Metallic Skirt combo

Today, I'm letting my child be a child, with a normal tee shirt and a simple skirt.
Sometimes I wonder if I've been making too much grown-up style clothes for a six-year-old. I decide what to make, which fabric to use, and she just wears them without the option of being taken to shops to choose what's on the shelf for everyone else. Fortunately, she's not complaining and I suppose she will never run out of clothes as long as my machines are chugging, but somehow, I'd like to involve her more so the clothes she wears have her voices too.

If you've been following me, you should know already how much my daughter loves Eazy Stitches. The inspiration of this stencil print on the tee shirt is from a chicken bean bag she made from one of the classes. She's created a few stories with the bean bag chicken and drawn many variations. I don't have to tell you how excited she was when she saw this wearable version. The stencil print wasn't heat set probably --- which I only realized after the wash, thus some of the dots on mother hen and part of her beak have faded.... At least that's what I think might have caused this problem. Failure always comes with learning and thankfully we are both cool with that.

I used the tee shirt pattern from Clothes for Girls that I Want to Make as a base. I raised the neckline by 4cm and added 1cm each on both shoulders at the neck side to make the opening a little smaller, then created a neckband instead of neck binding, to embrace the cold months ahead.

The skirt is made out of some trendy metallic linen.  C wasn't very keen at the beginning, as she's declared a few times that she doesn't want to wear skirts or dresses anymore. I figured that I can always try sell if she doesn't want to keep it. I'm thinking more and more about making clothes to sell. I certainly won't get rich by selling clothes judging from my productivity, but I also don't see myself stop making because I really enjoy what I do here. Anyway, she was quite willing to put it on and model for me. Problem is she's not taking it off. "I don't like skirts anymore but I'm keeping this one." Fair enough....

The pattern is from Kana's Standard for Kids. As with all of her bottom patterns, the front of the waistband is un-elasticated. Love it. The original pattern calls for a lining layer but I left it out as the linen is not thin and it will be nice to go with tights and still cool enough to wear in summer.

Do I need to stress how much she likes this outfit. Pictures have said it all. :-D


  1. Such a cute outfit! Your stencilling looks amazing. Love the metallic linen and the big pockets on the skirt, too.

    1. Thank you, Marisa. I'm planning to involve my daughter more this coming school holiday, starting next Monday, as long as my sanity doesn't fail me.

  2. I think she looks great.
    I love your style, not all children want to dress 'kiddie' I think as long as you are not precious about your makes, clothes are clothes.

    The stencilling is very cute.

    1. Ha! My daughter has got to share the "clothes are clothes" concept with you. She'd be happy to wear the same comfy clothes, a.k.a. in knit fabric, 7 days in a row. Thank you, Nicole.