Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Handstitched Felt Donuts

Donut, anyone?
These donuts were purely C's idea. If you ask my 6-year-old what's her favorite thing about school, she answers in a split second --- Eazy Stitch. Tuesday morning I don't even have to wake her up because that's Eazy Stitch day. Lately she wants to do more stitching related activities at home. The other day, she mentioned while they were sewing pencil bags, the older kids were making felt donuts. "Can we make felt donuts at home, too?" Sure thing, especially when my sewing machine has gone on a sabbatical week and getting a well deserved spa retreat on its own.

It's very easy to put them togehter. C sewed up three all by herself, only asking me to tie knots for her here and there. She really treasures them that she wears them as bangles to bed. She took two to school yesterday and it was a big hit. One girl even offered all her Shopkins to trade for one donut. Of course, C didn't come home with tons of Shopkins. "The donuts are much more special because I made them."
I see lots of hand stitching in the future as we are slowing building a collection. What about a bunch of felt food coming up next? Or embroidery? This winter holiday won't be a bore.


  1. Wow, C is very clever. What a great idea for kid-sewing - I bet R would go crazy for them. Are they sewn together by machine? I can't get my head around how you would do that, assuming you sew them right-sides-together and then turn them out.

    1. Thank you, Marisa. The whole donut is hand sewn. No machine involved. Running stitch between icing and top layer then blanket stitch to sew the top and bottom layers of donuts together. My daughter loves hand stitching now. I suppose it's much easier to control than knitting. Good luck with yours.