Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Frozenland Fleece Jacket

It's no news that I've adopted knitting and I'm gearing up for a fully handmade wardrobe. As exciting as it sounds, knitting doesn't happen fast. It's one stitch after the other, a solid production out of labor of love. On the other hand, temperature is dropping and leaves are falling. A contingency plan was born.

I was told at the fabric shop that this fleece is what K-Way uses to make their jackets. I don't own any K-way clothes, but I know they sell quality. I could tell from the fabric itself already. It's thicker and denser than most fleece I've seen from the shops. 5 meters please. I had plans to make myself something out of it, too.
The pattern I used is from Girly Style Wardrobe. I traced a 130cm size to fit my just over 120cm daughter, really hoping to stretch this jacket a long way. It's super warm and soft. It's the kind of clothes that you don't want to take off once it's on. M made a random comment -- "Is this a Frozen jacket?" -- which didn't get much response to. Frozen is outdated and almost forgotten in our household. We let it go a long time ago. But it was all the rage two years ago that I had to push my beginner sewing skill to decode the pattern of two Elsa dresses.
With the faux fur jacket I made for her last year, C's got two warm winter jackets to see her through the coming cold months. And knowing that, I can happily retire to my knitting needles for now...

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