Friday, May 6, 2016

Classic Knitted Mittens

I'm going to say I thoroughly love knitting, so much so that I feel It suits my personality even more than sewing, not so much in a granny-related way hopefully. I'm an introvert and most of the time I love being quiet in a quiet place. Have I ever mentioned Jing means quiet in Mandarin Chinese. I was doomed from birth. Anyway, knitting started when we were staying in our flat temperorily. I was sewing on the dinning table, as always, but our living/dinning room is too small for me to work at night. It's close to C's bedroom and even closer to the TV --- hubby's favoriate activity. More than that, we stayed with 9 more units in the same block. I didn't think anyone would be happy to hear the chugging machine at night. I shifted my focus on patterns and fabric cutting, but I soon met the space issue. I was working on the floor and thus blocking the TV screen from time to time. A complaint was filed.

Knitting was born out of desperation to efficiently use those night hours. By now, you should have found out that I am a natural workaholic. I've got a lot of confidence from knitting the animal hats for my daughter.  Following the pattern has been easy peasy so far. Tutorials on youtube are very handy. These mittens are Classic Mittens from Purl Soho. The yarn is from African Expressions Freedom range. It has a quite high wool content. I feel now that I'm spending the time to craft something, I might as well spend the money on good materials. I'm looking forward to working with 100% merino wool one day. Since it's imported from Spain, with our current Rand/Dollar exchange rate, it's going to be an investment. But then again, handmade anything is a time/love investment already, which makes it special, to me at least. This yarn is designed to use on 4mm needles, but I was stubborn to choose the color (surprise surprise!) and stick to the needle requirements on the pattern, which resulted quite tight hems. They are not tight on the wrists at all, but I felt the tension while knitting.
I suppose I still need to block the mittens to get rid of the visible lines on them, but I was too eager to put on C.  My very first mittens. And I'm sure there are going to be lots of firsts in the coming seasons.
We've spent the week moving house. It's nice to have space again, and my old sewing spot back to work the night shifts. That said, my knitting force is unstoppable. Sew in summer and knit in winter is the plan here. ;-)

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