Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Boxy Tee + Pleats Fiesta Skirt

Almost two months ago, when I saw Ms Sato Kana had released another book of hers, Kana Standard II, I immediately added it onto my birthday present list, right after I returned the hideous polyester gym tee shirt and pants I received from my husband. No matter how many times I had announced that I'm not buying clothes from stores anymore, garments were the only gift option he could come up with? That was a grrr moment but after placing my order from CDJapan, I felt incredibly good. The power of getting your way to choose your own present....?

The top calls for a woven fabric but I used knits instead, thinking I can still wear it to the gym when it doesn't hold its shape anymore. To spend money on expensive gymwear to soak your sweat sounds silly to me. It's very easy to sew, and having that backup purpose in mind, I didn't even bother to zigzag the raw edges.
The pleats took sometime though. They are everywhere --- front and back, but I am in love with how they turned out. There was a fashion revolution week happening on instagam last week (or was it two weeks back?) and I really liked seeing how people (mostly sewists) are spending time to create their own clothes to make a longer-lasting fashion, not just because of the quality, but also it'd be much harder to part ways once they are born from your own hands. Take me, for example, I am well aware of how much work it goes in to make a piece of garment and automatically I wear it with care.
Lately, I am trying to cook real food, wear/sew clothes from real materials, and just generally invest time on the things I do. I am slowing down on the surface, but living a real life isn't a competition only about speed. Well, having said that, I need to get that winter sewing and knitting going to feed my hungry closet.
See you soon.


  1. Happy (belated) birthday, Jing! Beautiful outfit, and those pleats look perfect. With mother's day coming up, maybe you could buy yourself another gift - that's what I usually do :)

    1. Good plan!! I'm going have a look at the year calendar and circle all the special days and make a plan around them.