Friday, April 15, 2016

Weekday Bits

I'm probably the last high-tech driven person. I was still very happily using my blackberry when everyone else had changed to touch screen phones. I don't know. Chasing after the latest technology is not my style. I'm quite laid back in that area. If I was thrown back 50 years when there was no computer or smart phone, I would be just fine.

Having said that, I surprised myself when I decided to get an Apple Watch two weeks ago. I got a new battery for my old watch at the beginning of the year but in less than 4 months, it stopped working again. I had been contemplating whether or not to get a new watch a while, so when my old watch died, I took it as a calling. Plus, with our medical aid policy, I could get one "for free". Pourquoi pas?

Remember I mentioned that I started the active rewards programme and now I get free smoothies/raw juice for being active? Well, that novelty was wearing off quickly. The goal was clear and my intention was there too, but what had I to lose if I wasn't being active enough? I was not to get a smoothie for free. No big deal. I needed a bigger motivation. I always need a big motivation to exercise. I mean I like the idea of it, a lot, but to drag myself to the gym from sewing is almost like wasting time. At one stage I used to have the gym subscription and a weekly yoga class outside the gym. It's silly because the gym offers tons of classes, including multiple yoga classes a day. But psychologically it made me think all these classes were free. For me, attending gym classes was very inconsistent. On the other hand, I never missed any outside-the-gym yoga classes because I felt I had paid extra for them, and there's a pricetag attached to every single class. That's such an illogical motivation but it worked.
What's the big deal with this watch besides time telling? Well, it's like an exercise policeman. If I reach my weekly goals for two years, I get to have it for free; if not, there's a weekly penalty that will be contributed to the cost of the watch. So, I will be paying it off in the coming two years, with my sweat, literally. Do I need such a high-tech watch? Definitely not! I have the bluetooth off and not using majority of the features 95% of the time. But not paying weekly penalty is a solid motivation, so much more than free smoothies.....
Until the next bigger motivation....

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