Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Slow Fashion Linen Shirt

A whlie ago, when H&M just landed in South Africa and opened their shop in the V&A Waterfront, all I could hear was people oohing and aahing over how reasonable the prices were. A pair of denim shorts only sells for less than $9, which has to cover the fabric cost, labor, shipment, salesmen's salary, the shop rent itself and profit. How is it possible? I am not going to say the garments are poorly made, because they aren't. Big stores like H&M have strict quality control. But the concept of fast fashion scares me. Is it the equivalent to fast food?

I don't remember me ever being the person that chases fashion. In the days when sewing clothes never crossed my mind, I only bought the necessities and once in a while I would purchase something nice for certain occasions. I didn't and still don't enjoy shopping, so that's helpful.
Stepping into the sewing world is a big transition. I've always been after quality but even more so now. I spent more time unpicking than sewing in the early days and after two years, I'm finally starting to be happy with my quality.
I'd say this shirt is well made. Fabric is from SA Interlining, a very well established company that makes fabrics locally. I bought 5 meters of this fabric before I even bought my sewing machine, together with two other colorways. I had no clue how much fabric is needed to sew a top or a dress, or anything. I've been sitting with these 3 pieces of beautiful 5 meters each fabric for two years and as you can imagine, they occupy quite a big space in the stash box.
I used the pattern from Girl's Simple Clothes book. The sizes go up to 150cm, and the styles are also more mature than other A Sunny Spot's series. My daughter's off dresses at the moment and she doesn't even mind with this boyish looking shirt. Have you noticed her taste of hair styling is changing, too? :-D


  1. Well, well - I just happen to be flicking through that very book right now! Your shirt certainly does look professionally sewn. Plus it's unique, and made with love, which is more than you can say for H&M. Cute hairstyle, by the way!

    1. Why am I not surprised at all that you had the same book open in front of you? :D
      Thank you, Marisa.

  2. I totally agree with you. I struggle with my teen daughters buying 'fast food' clothing and I do make a point of telling them how it is made and the sacrifice someone made. By sewing most of our clothes I feel connected to them and it stops us having too much.

    Whoops, sorry for the rant.
    It is a gorgeous shirt.

    1. Exactly. Encouraging fast fashion creates more dump, more pollution, more frustration, more problems. I could go on....:-D
      Thank you.