Friday, April 22, 2016

Pyjamas and Another Hat

We are having a couple of deep autumn like days with a temperature drop and some scattered rain, which immediately gives me this vision of knitting on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate. The thing is, that vision brings the guilt, too. Life-cannot-be-this-good guilt. Sewing is more like working while knitting is more relaxing related. So I've limited knitting to night time only when I can do it quietly and not have our next door neighbor knocking on our door because of the chugging machine.

The last pyjamas purchase happened about two years ago, and now most of C's pyjamas are getting small. "Mommy, when can you make me pyjamas?" When? Now! This Minnie Mouse fabric was one of my very first purchases. She was still into Disney themed characters and this fabric looked substle enough. I don't know why I had it buried in the stash box for two years, probably because at the beginning of my sewing days, I had made enough pyjamas pants, you know, the kind of baggy pants with an elastic waist that you can only proudly wear at home. My very first sewing project was a pair of pyjamas pants from Toni Coward's book Make It Perfect. I was so excited at the time. Oh you sew two tubes and put one inside the other, with right side facing each other and sew along the crotch then a pair of pants is born! I was totally amazed at how the garment construction works.
Fast forward two years. My mission right now is to destash. This fabric cannot be more suitable for pyjamas. The pattern is from Cotton Friend magazine. I like the magazine because it has tons of projects but the only thing is the patterns are over jammed on two sheets. I managed to locate them but it took sometime.
Well, as for the hat, what can I say? Except I hope you haven't got bored from the recent overposting. They are sure keeping the head toasty. Pattern from Vanessa Mooncie's book Animal Hats. I've knitted four hats so far and I think I'd much like to try something new for a change.


  1. The PJs are really cute and I LOVE all your knitted hats!

  2. Thanks, Marisa. Knitting is addictive!