Sunday, April 17, 2016

More Knitted Animal Hats

Since I made the Koala Hat, C has been wearing it a lot, in the mornings before leaving for school and straight after school. It's end of summer/beginning of autumn here, so the days are still quite warm. She runs around in knitted hat, very often wet headed drenched in her own sweat.

It's made me realize that our winter doesn't really get that cold (or does it?), and the wool I used for the koala hat might just be teeny weeny thick. I switched to slightly thinner wool for these two animal hats. One problem is that just as I'm trying to restrain myself from fabric shopping, I am starting to buy a lot of wool. Often I only need a little bit in one specific color but I have to get the whole ball. I don't really like accummulating leftover yarns, so I'm trying to see what else I can (over)make using the same colors. I omitted the facings for the hats. When it gets really cold, I can already knit facings and add on.
As you can in the picture above, the koala bear looks much denser. It's knitted to a kids' size but actually fits an adult's head, too. The cow and panda hats are just right for her. If I'm ever going to knit another hat, which I probably will, I'm going to experiment with thinner yarn in adult's size to see how big of a difference it makes.
C's ordered mittens, socks and scarves, as if she can tell I've officially caught the knitting bug. She's never been so eager for winter to arrive. I've spent a big chunk of time on overwhelming Ravelry this weekend. Very much like sewing, I feel another door has opened up for me and there's so much to learn, so very exciting!


  1. I love these hats so much. I think it is time I learnt to knit.

    1. Go for it! It's addictive, and you can do it on the couch. :-D