Thursday, April 7, 2016

Koala Bear Knitted Hat

"Mommy, can we knit?" Sure. I get excited hearing requests like this. So I dug deep and eventually found my knitting needles and some yarn. I showed her a few stitches, with that popular "In through the front door" chime. She looked at me, very puzzled, "I think I'm going to do finger knitting instead." That was last week. In the same week, we found this book Animals Hats by Vanessa Moocie. Totally swoon.

The small problem is my 6-year-old wants every one of them. The bigger problem --- I wasn't sure if I could knit hats. Besides basic sqaures, I have only knitted one simple jersey so far, and that felt like I was already pushing myself. Now, if my daughter isn't the main reason that I'm gifted with these 1950 housewife essential skills, I don't know what is. I read the patterns back and forth, googled a few terms and watched videos on youtube, then picked an easy design --- the koala bear. The worst scenario would be saying to her "At least I tried."

I tried and I succeeded. A big sense of achievement. It really isn't all that difficult, thanks to the clear pattern instructions in the book. Vanessa Mooncie, you are a genius.

A very happy customer indeed. She doesn't want to take it off and it's about 30C out there. "When is winter coming? I can't wait." Well, she didn't wait for winter really because the hat was on for the rest of the day and produced a very sweaty head.
"I'm a koala bear."
And finally a koala dance.
Even last year I thought about how to survive the winter months with my sewing skills? Yes I can use knit fabric and make jackets and get by the mild winter in Cape Town. But what about those crispy days every now and then that make you die for a sweater? Fear no more. I will be making a solid butt dent on the couch this winter and knit away, granny style.


  1. It is so cute and Tilly wants one.
    (She also asked me to teach you a song, I promise she is not being cheeky)
    Please don't call me a koala bear, cause 'I'm not a bear at all.
    Please don't call me a koala bear, it's driving me up the wall.
    If your name was Bob and everyone called you Dick, perhaps you'd understand why I'm sick, sick, sick.
    Please don't call me a koala bear, cause I'm not a bear at all.

    1. hahaha, I'd better pass this song to my daughter. She loves anything silly. Thanks, Nicole.