Thursday, March 10, 2016

Weekday Bits

It has been a fun and busy couple of days. I'm slowly getting back to the cooking routine and getting my daughter on board is one great strategy. Has anyone ever said all kids love to peel? I vividly remember when I was a kid, I'd cream my hands with glue (the clear nail polish consistency kind -- nowadays you only get glue sticks) and wait for it to dry, then I'd happily sit for half an hour and peel it off. Gross, but super fun to me. I've spotted C a few times peeling onions and garlic sitting in the supermarket trolley, and I know she loves peeling egg shells. I think it's definitely related to my strong glue-peeling genes. Anyway, as an inevitable result, this whole week we are on a hard boiled egg diet, adding them to salads or snack as is.

The highlight of the week has got to be my interview with Skinny laMinx. You can read it on her blog. When Heather asked me if I'd be interested to do an interview, I think I replied yes without reading the whole email. Anything coming from Skinny laMinx, you say yes to. No brainer. We've been through that before.
Ever since I started this sewing journey, I have been pretty hidden. I am not doing much self-promotion. I don't have social media buttons visible on the blog, either. I've always been kind of shy and not a big fan of marketing myself. It was overwhelming that within one day after the interview was published, my pageviews shot sky high, from my extremely low average that is. My phone didn't stop popping up Instagram likes and followers. It was a wonderful feeling, to be discovered.
Everyday, I pop in a little card in C's lunchbox. It all started from one morning when I wrote "You are the apple of my eye." on a strip of paper and secretly put in her lunch bag. She really liked the surprise message and asked if I could do it every single day. To spice things up, I decided to turn paper strips to cards with pictures or just colors. Who doesn't like a message in the lunchbox?
Positivity is in the air, and I'm feeling like a boss.

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