Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Suspenders Pants Mini Me Version

This is the last week of school before a two-week holiday and I've set my mind to it, already. I remember when C was in preschool I would always dread the school holidays. What could do we do? Full-on entertainment is tiring.  But now her school days are much longer and we don't get to do a lot before the evening rituals. I've actually written down a list of things that we will do together during those two weeks. I'm looking forward to it.

There's a what-you-liked-most-about-this-term section on C's school report. Eazy-Stitch, she stated. She's been taking this crafting/stitching/knitting extra mural for 8 weeks and she's in love with it. She comes with home with all sorts of crafts, French knitting long strings, puppets and animal bean bags. To me, the best part yet is waking her up on an Eazy-Stitch day. There's valid motivation, you see.
Lately, C wants to have everything I make for myself. She's quite surprised that I managed to deliver these denim pants so fast, very unlike my usual procrastinating self. I just happened to have enough leftover fabric from my own suspenders pants. Sewing from your stash box is the new motto here. 

The pattern comes from FU-KO Basics Clothes for Girls that I Want to Make. I've used the pants pattern before during the beginning days and very strategically left out the suspenders back then. The pants pictures in the book look about three-quarter length, but actually they are shorter than that. I've lengthed a good 6.5cm and now they look three-quarterish on C. I will have to add a whole lot more if I want a full-length version next time.
I made the white top about one-and-a-half years ago, and it still works. It's actually coming in very handy because my 6-year-old has suddenly lost interest in dresses and much rather prefers separates. Phases....
It seems she likes to wear the suspenders loosely, too. It's in the genes. :-D


  1. Ack, so adorable!
    When I finally chuck the last of my baby weight I am so making some trousers with suspenders.
    xx N

    1. haha, maybe every single member of your gang gets a pair, too?