Monday, March 7, 2016

Skinny laMinx Scraps and DIY Squares and a Little Pocket Tutorial

You know, I mentioned it before that I'm not a big fan of fabric cutting. But I'm a big fan of these Skinny laMinx DIY Squares, because they are pre-cut! They all have great pocket potentials. I love pockets. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had to wear something without a pocket. For example, where do I put my hands? Even my gym leggings have to have a pocket, at least a small one for the locker key.

I'm going to show you how very easy it is to make a pocket.
Zigzag stitch or overlock where the green lines are.
Fold the top edge towards the wrong side, 1cm, then again 2cm. Top stitch along the green line.
Fold in the sides and the bottom 1cm towards the wrong side, like shown in the picture.
Turn it over. Now it's ready to be attached to desired area. Once you've positioned it, stitch along the green lines as shown.
Play with different sizes and shapes. The pocket above has a curved bottom.
Can you tell that as fun as pocket making is, I couldn't help but play with color blocking with my scraps from the Palmetto range? 
I don't know how it got started, but I'm aiming to carry on with little projects here and there, to shed the load of my scrap fabric bins. Even if it's on the lowest speed, it's a win.

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