Friday, March 4, 2016

Plenty Tees and Pintuck Pants Combo

I am back, from my little world-class factory, a.k.a. my dinning room table. It almost took me a whole week to produce this outfit. OK I did make three extra plain tee shirts but that's nothing to brag about. This dark navy blue color is one of C's school colors, so I'm sewing a few tees in advance to be worn underneath her uniform for the coming season. Why I didn't go to the shop and spend minimum money on plain tees is beyond myself. If there's one thing sewing related that I don't quite fancy it has to be fabric cutting. Four days later, I'm still living with the aftermath of multiple blisters on my fingers.

C's taste in clothing has dramatically changed. Bye bye Dresses. Hello Separates. Bye girly prints. Hello plains. She's matured so much since she started Grade 1 at the beginning of the year. I've probably sewn more than 10 tees using this pattern with my own variations. A good basic tee shirt pattern has great potentials and I cannot stress enough how useful this book is. I think I am going to pause here and give it a stroke right now.
I love the print on the pants fabric. It's actually a piece I spotted at an upholstery fabric shop called Kehl's.  I liked it a lot and had the very intention to turn it into a jacket. However, I didn't get enough of the fabric so I left it in my stash bin for months and totally forgot about it. My daughter is in need of pants of any kind. Remember I just said what she's not into dresses anymore? And since I'm trying hard to use whatever I've got, I rediscovered this piece. Happiness.
I've used this pants pattern before and it was C's favorite. Always plain tee and pants nowadays.
"So mommy, two bonus pockets at the back again?" Yep. We will never be short of little stones and pistachio nut shells. How she always fills the pockets with these things amazes me.
I'm not going to lie. The pants did take sometime to sew, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process. It's like putting puzzle pieces together. The fabric is soft enough for apparel use. And I know for sure the outfit is going to be worn a lot.
Now, I'm going to put my face into a big chunk of a chocolate cake and indulge, as I have proudly gained one year today.
Happy weekend!

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