Friday, March 11, 2016

Denim Pants with Suspenders

Runaway mom in denim pants.
Not really. It's just my normal pace. Photo credit goes to my 6-year-old. I decided to add some movements so I paced up and down tirelessly only to have more photos of the sky and her own shoes than me. Yep. This is how it goes when you beg a young person to take photos of you. Anything is more exciting than mom's new pants.

Once upon a time, I had jeans of every shade possible. The versatility freed me from having to worry about a matching top. Truth be told, almost everything goes with jeans. At least that's what I thought during my adolescence. As I grew older, I became more aware of my body shape and I couldn't bear the tightness of jeans. Let's put it this way -- I don't own a curvy bottom designed for jeans. Well, jeans or no jeans, my trousers' department is desperate for a refill. What about incorporate denim with baggy and comfy?
The pants pattern is from Kana's Standard. From experience, I know the length of their pants suit my legs, however I still lengthened them by 6cm, and now they are full-length pants, which allows me enough fabric to roll up the hems.  The front waist is not elasticated and that gives a more sophiscated look.
I much prefer to wear the pants with the suspenders down.
Baggy and comfy, I think I've achieved it.
Happy weekend!


  1. Love them, they are so cute and you hair cut is lovely too.
    xx N

    1. Thank you. I wasn't sure I was going to rock the suspenders look....

  2. I really like this style of pants. I have made a similar pair - Lotta's Owyn Pants in denim (minus suspenders).

    1. they are very comfy, aren't they? I've long given up jeans...:-D