Saturday, March 19, 2016

Denim Cloche Hat -- A Scrap Fabric Project

C likes to ask me these days when I fetch her from school, "What's new since this morning?" To that, with the new hat in my hand, I replied "A new hat?". "Oh mom, this is so cute." OK, let's be honest here. How this hat is cute looking to a 6-year-old is beyond me, but that excitement from her totally shovelled the words "This is actually for me" to my stomach.

There and then, she put the hat on her head. It actually doesn't look ginormous on a child.
First thing's first, I am doing quite well in that scrap fabric department. I've been intentionally sewing little things, and this time I made a hat. A hat. My first hat. Hats and I have a complicated relationship. I struggle to find hats that suit the shape of my face/head and yet I wear one almost always when I'm exposed to the sun, even though it makes me look blah. The function is more important here. I like wide brim hat due to its full coverage, however, it can have that beachy vibe.

What I like about this hat is that it's got a bigger brim at the front, so my face is covered and it still has that interesting detail at the back --- never miss a chance to use some Skinny laMinx fabric to accent the whole hat.
I'd say it's well made. I used the leftover fabric from these pants for the lining. The pattern is from Cotton Friend 2.  I was lucky enough to get these magazines from the Chinese Amazon website when the shipping cost was still reasonable. Nowadays it costs 10 times of the book value to get shipped here, which makes it quite impossible to buy anything from them.
What can you do with 2.5 meters of denim? Two pairs of suspenders pants, and a hat. I still have small scraps for pockets or pouches....I'm hopeless. But you never know, you know.
I'm ready to go for walks at the beach front with this hat on during the school holidays. Oh, C and I might have to take turns to wear it every 10 minutes or so...


  1. It's a lovely hat - I think you have to make her C matching one!

    By the way, I commented on your last couple of posts but my comments didn't show up. I did enjoy reading your interview!

    1. Apparently I can shrink the pattern 93% to get kids' size. But I am too lazy to do that manually.... Thank you, Marisa. The blog wasn't behaving those days. All I can say is it's not used to heavy traffic. :-D

  2. I am with Marisa, I read but often can't comment, I think our internet it a bit dodgy here.

    Gorgeous hat, such a clever style and very elegant.
    xx N