Wednesday, March 30, 2016

School Holiday Bits

If you had put me in a music trivia 15 years ago, I'd probably get a good score. I knew exactly who sang what in which album. But for more than a decade, I've become clueless of whatever happened in the world of Mandarin music. In my music following prime years, I had only bought limited numbers of cassettes and CDs (yes, I am from the cassettes' era.). The original copies were expensive for my students' budget. I packed two CDs in my suitcase when I moved to Cape Town and they've been in my car ever since. There's this one song from the CD by the singer Leehom Wang that I hum all the time. It actually has become C's favorite lullaby, even though the lyrics have nothing to do with putting kids to sleep.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Neck Ribbon Blouse

I've lost my sewing momentum, which can only mean one thing --- school holiday is here. About once every 10 weeks, my role is shifted to a full-on play mate. I had the time to cut some fabric just before the holiday started and it had been neglected for days, together with my sewing machine. I've arranged play dates for C's friends to come over so I could disappear to my sewing. Unfortunately, they didn't work out the way I had in mind. The kids took over the entire dinning table, which happens to be my sewing space.... When C spent the afternoon at a friend's place yesterday, I didn't waste one minute. My little sewing horse ran furiously.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Denim Cloche Hat -- A Scrap Fabric Project

C likes to ask me these days when I fetch her from school, "What's new since this morning?" To that, with the new hat in my hand, I replied "A new hat?". "Oh mom, this is so cute." OK, let's be honest here. How this hat is cute looking to a 6-year-old is beyond me, but that excitement from her totally shovelled the words "This is actually for me" to my stomach.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Suspenders Pants Mini Me Version

This is the last week of school before a two-week holiday and I've set my mind to it, already. I remember when C was in preschool I would always dread the school holidays. What could do we do? Full-on entertainment is tiring.  But now her school days are much longer and we don't get to do a lot before the evening rituals. I've actually written down a list of things that we will do together during those two weeks. I'm looking forward to it.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Denim Pants with Suspenders

Runaway mom in denim pants.
Not really. It's just my normal pace. Photo credit goes to my 6-year-old. I decided to add some movements so I paced up and down tirelessly only to have more photos of the sky and her own shoes than me. Yep. This is how it goes when you beg a young person to take photos of you. Anything is more exciting than mom's new pants.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Weekday Bits

It has been a fun and busy couple of days. I'm slowly getting back to the cooking routine and getting my daughter on board is one great strategy. Has anyone ever said all kids love to peel? I vividly remember when I was a kid, I'd cream my hands with glue (the clear nail polish consistency kind -- nowadays you only get glue sticks) and wait for it to dry, then I'd happily sit for half an hour and peel it off. Gross, but super fun to me. I've spotted C a few times peeling onions and garlic sitting in the supermarket trolley, and I know she loves peeling egg shells. I think it's definitely related to my strong glue-peeling genes. Anyway, as an inevitable result, this whole week we are on a hard boiled egg diet, adding them to salads or snack as is.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Skinny laMinx Scraps and DIY Squares and a Little Pocket Tutorial

You know, I mentioned it before that I'm not a big fan of fabric cutting. But I'm a big fan of these Skinny laMinx DIY Squares, because they are pre-cut! They all have great pocket potentials. I love pockets. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I had to wear something without a pocket. For example, where do I put my hands? Even my gym leggings have to have a pocket, at least a small one for the locker key.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Plenty Tees and Pintuck Pants Combo

I am back, from my little world-class factory, a.k.a. my dinning room table. It almost took me a whole week to produce this outfit. OK I did make three extra plain tee shirts but that's nothing to brag about. This dark navy blue color is one of C's school colors, so I'm sewing a few tees in advance to be worn underneath her uniform for the coming season. Why I didn't go to the shop and spend minimum money on plain tees is beyond myself. If there's one thing sewing related that I don't quite fancy it has to be fabric cutting. Four days later, I'm still living with the aftermath of multiple blisters on my fingers.