Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Zipper Pouches with Skinny laMinx DIY Fabric Squares and a Tutorial

I love these DIY squares from Skinny laMinx. They are ideal for zipper pouch making. It's always the first idea that comes to me when I have a load of scrap fabric. It's so simple that no brain cell is harmed. The best thing with these fabric sqaures is they are all pre-cut. All you need to do is to trace the same square on the lining fabric. You will be ready to go.
Let's get straight to it.
Things you need to make one zipper pouch:
  • two DIY fabric squares from Skinny laMinx, or any other fabric scraps. It's preferable that the outer fabric is a bit sturdy, but it's not completely necessary.
  • two pieces of inner/lining fabric
  • a zip, not longer than the fabric sqaure
  • standard sewing suppliers plus a zipper foot
Here are the four squares --- two outer pieces + two lining pieces
Now, lay together the lining fabric (right side up), zip (right side up), and the outer fabric (wrong side up), matching all edges. The idea is use a 1cm seam allowance to sew along the red line shown in the picture.
However, because there's a zip puller involved, and you want your line to be as close and straight as possible, so we will do half half. Sew along the green line as shown in the picture above and stop just before the puller.
Move the puller away from the end of the stitches, like so.
Sew on the rest of the zip. Green line.
This is what it looks like once you've sewn the fabric to one side of the zip.
Now let's work on the other side. Sandwich the zip with lining fabric at the bottom (right side up) and outer fabric on top (wrong side up). Sew from the beginning to just before the puller, then move the puller away and sew the rest up.
Use iron to pull away the fabric from the zipper, then top stitch where the green lines are.
Flip the fabric so the two right sides of outer pieces are facing each other and right sides of lining fabric are facing each other. Sew along the green line, leaving an opening as shown.
Clip all four corners and trim the bulk in the middle where the zip is.
Use a chopstick to poke out all the corners.
Sew the opening closed. Remember to change thread if your lining fabric is of a completely different color, so your work looks neat and ... er.. less homemade.
There you have it. A brand new zipper pouch made by youself.
Keep it in your bag,  or gift to friends and kids. Everybody likes an extra little pouch. And don't just stop there. Trim off some fabric to make different sizes. Join two fabric squares (use a bigger piece of fabric) if you have a longer zip. Before you know it, you will have made a whole drawer of them. OK, that might just be me.

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