Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Zipper Pouches with Pom Poms

I'd say big social developments come with Grade 1. Kids have more freedom to bring small items to school and hide in their gigantic school bags. They have their own break-time show-and-tell. Tuck shop is open to them on Fridays. I usually give R20 for tuck-shop day and I tell C that she can choose to buy or not buy anything. It's her money. She always comes home pennyless. Last Friday, one friend forgot to bring money, so C bought a bottle of water the friend, and some ice bites for other friends, then eventually she ran out of money herself and another friend bought a bottle of water for her....It's not just the tuck shop time only. C comes home with little figurine gifts here and there. There's a lot going on in their little social lives now.
outer and lining fabric sets
It has hit me that I could make some small purses for her friends. Everybody needs a little purse for their money, or treasures.  Most of these are leftover fabric from the stash box. It's another perfect project (again) to use up some scraps. Then I decided to add a little bit pizaaz to the finished purses. I was given these pom pom makers years ago when I wasn't crafty at all. Once I started making pom poms, I couldn't stop. It's so fun and easy. To be honest, I could sit and make zipper pouches with pom poms, all day long. Maybe I should open an online shop and sell them?
I think I will keep this one to myself, to match my Skinny laMinx Jacket.
With still lots and lots scraps stashed, I need to come up with more little things to sew. Till next time.


  1. These look so cute with their pompom zippers, Jing. It's projects like these that validate scrap-hoarding!

    My daughter's in grade 2 and has similarly sweet relationships with friends - there's a lot of gift-giving and sharing of sweets. She even coordinates hairstyles with one of her friends - they come to a decision each day on what tomorrow's style will be. I've used up quite a number of fabric scraps making matching skirts for their beanie boos!

  2. That's very sweet. I hope mine doesn't come home with matching hair style requests in the future, or else I might have to look for tutorials on youtube the night before. I am useless in that department....

    1. Luckily the requests have, so far, been simple - two plaits, side pony-tail etc. R's hair is far too tangled for me to do anything complicated, even if I had the skills to do it!