Friday, February 26, 2016

Weekday Bits

"Are we having processed food again tonight?" That came from my husband....Well to be fair, it's not processed, but pre-prepared. I pop it in the oven while I'm doing the evening rituals with C, and supper's done when we are done. That meal option has somehow sneakily become my household regular.  I used to prepare things in the mornings so I didn't have to rush in the evening. But now I don't bother with any sewing unrelated chores.

Lately, I've realized I talk fast, and I walk extremely fast. From the morning I open my eyes I am already in a rushing state. I run up and down to get things done. I calculate how many minutes I need to get from A to B, and I give myself a time limit to vacuum the floor. I almost always leave that to the end, so time is more compressed and I do it faster, or I think that I do. I automatically say everything twice, like "quickly, quickly", or "Put your shoes on. Put your shoes on now. Would you please go put your own shoes on?" OK, that's three times, but it's also because the first two times often result in zero action. I mean I want to be more relaxed, but if I'm relaxed, then nothing gets done. Let's explore the scenario of me being chilled.
  • My kid won't wake up to get ready for school in time.
  • Sewing won't happen because I can spend my morning cleaning up the house and cooking meals from scratch.
  • No amount of vegetable or fruit will be consumed by my fussy eater.
  • Forget about bath time. Bath time is like telling her to put shoes on, but worse.
  • No one else will tell her to go to bed. I mean NO one.
Then the whole cycle repeats.
Co-parenting doesn't exist in my house and I certainly don't like it that I'm the only one doing all the disciplines while my husband sleeps or watches videos on youtube. But there's nothing I do can change that and I've accepted it over time that it's the way we operate here and I'd rather be the responsible one than letting go of that responsibility just because.
I'm having a cooking dry spell but still feel obliged to cook or bake something from scratch. The scones in the picture above was a forced product that I talked myself into one morning. It actually took no more effort than pancakes. The thing is cooking isn't that bad. I need to carve out some time for that. Allow me to quote from Carstoon No.2. what Mater said to Francesco, "Every now and then, he (McQueen) prefers to slow down and enjoy life." Enjoy cooking is going to be my new every-now-and-then. Well, having said that, I am still glad that we're invited for supper tonight. No hassle for me.....
Have a great weekend.


  1. It's so hard to enjoy cooking when you have to do it every day! And then it's hard to mix it up and try new things when you don't know if your kids will eat it. Maybe you can work on your husband to pitch in a bit more with parenting? Or even better, get your daughter to do it :)

    1. I've been watching Ina Garten's show to get inspired....She'e so chilled and everything looks effortless. I am the opposite. I have to work on that. Thank you for the advice. :-D