Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Skinny laMinx DIY Squares Coasters and Tutorial

Hello there, I'm back with another tutorial using Skinny laMinx DIY Squares. It hit me one morning while making pom poms. OK the truth is the night before that I started watching a Taiwanese movie called First of May. I enjoyed it but had to switch off the TV to go to bed. One of the benefits of a SAHM is you are always in a relaxed environment. So to finish off the movie, I grabbed my pom pom maker and a cup of tea. I don't spend a lot of time in front of TV, and when I do, I make sure I have something else to work on at the same time, because watching TV for pure leisure sounds just too luxurious and time wasting --- I admit I can be a strong candidate for workaholism.

I have too much leftover yarn and fabric in my stash. My scraps boxes are getting out of control. And I feel bad to just throw them out or to buy more new fabric to add to it. I've been constantly thinking of little things to sew so I can use at least some of them. These pom poms are made from the leftover yarn of my very first and only knitted jersey.
Shall we get started?
To make these pom pom coasters you will need:
Before you start, you might want to give them a trim so the edges of the two sqaures are lining together. Put the fabric squares together, right side facing each other, then lay a piece of batting on top. Ideally, the batting should be about 1cm shorter on the edges, so when you turn the right side out, it won't look too bulky. Secure the layers with pins then sew along the black line (on the above left picture), catching a little batting here and there is totally fine. Leave a big opening --- upholstery fabric is quite sturbbon. Clip all four corners once you have finished sewing.
Use a chopstick or something similar to poke out all the corners and straighten the edges. Fold the opening while, wrapping the batting in. Iron in place. Top stitch around the whole coaster. There, a coaster is born. Right now, I am a pom pom fanatic, so I handstiched them in place then cut their tails.
There's no reason to stop now. You can make four, or a dozen. It depends on how addicted you are.
How about turning them into magic carpets?
It's their inevitable fate to end up in my daughter's toy box instead of the kitchen drawer.
But hey, there's always a chance to serve their designated duty --- juice in the cup due to a tea shortage in the house.
Happy sewing.


  1. They're so cute with pompoms - they wouldn't be safe from little girls in my house, either...

  2. Thank you. I've planned to sew around my scraps this year and I know my daughter and her toys are in luck.