Friday, February 5, 2016

Purl Soho Summer Romper

"Umama", "Pakamani", "Tulani", "Pakamani", "Tulani...." Xhosa words are chanted in our household this week. Please excuse me if the spellings are incorrect. So two weeks into little Grade-1 pupil's routine, the kids are already having compulsory Xhosa lessons. It feels a little strange to me hearing all these unfamiliar words, but C seems to be enjoying learning this African language, which is often accompanied by the tongue clicking sounds. I've found an article online that explains the clicking sound, with videos, way better than I do.
The old me is probably going to react immediately and ask how useful this language is, and if I should move her to a more international school that's teaching French instead of Xhosa as a compulsory subject. The new me? I'm forcing myself to be more chilled and let the child explore first. After all, she's only in Grade 1. C's class teacher has the kindest heart, who's clearly not academical results driven and I think that's totally OK for kids at this age. There's no need to push kids now so they become weary of school for the rest of the years. Do you see my transformation from a tiger mother (remember Kumon from two years ago?) to a totally relaxed yet encouraging mom/friend?
Change of subject. Our summer is not going anywhere. We still have the average highest near 30C. A summer romper? I've never sewn any jumpsuit like garment. It's the thought of that inconvenience at the bathroom, especially for kids. But C's been asking for one for her hip hop extra mural. Consider it done. The pattern is a free download from Purl Soho. They have some really nice easy patterns, for sewing and knitting. If I ever become a knitter one day, I'd like to try all of these loveliness.
The fabric is washer cotton in black. C and I often say that our color is black, however I think she can still get away with floral or cute prints. Me, not so much. I cut up a straight size 6-7 and it fits her perfectly. It's a great yet simple pattern that I shall keep on going back to.
Doesn't this look fun?
Have a great weekend.

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