Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Kids Headband Made from Skinny laMinx DIY Squares and a Brief Tutorial

Have you seen Skinny laMinx's DIY Supplies range? You really need to check it out. Such cute fabric squares. The very kind and genius mind Heather behind Skinny laMinx offered me some fabric to try it out. First of all, I want to say when you are offered fabric from her, you should never say no. These are locally produced top quality upholstery fabric we are talking about. Even though I'm not covering any couches right now, there are still endless possibilities to play with here. Remember I made a jacket from her Palmetto line?
These are 13 x 13cm DIY sqaures. I have a ton to show you what I am going to do with them in the coming weeks, besides making a gazillion of zipper pouches. All of these little ideas will become easy and cute items that you can use or wear. Today, let's talk about turning fabric squares to headbands.
What you will need:
2 pieces of 13 x 13cm fabric squares
1.5cm wide elastic 25cm long
basic sewing supplies
a template
seam allowance is 1cm
Here I've created a not-to-scale template, that you should be able to use a ruler and draw on a piece of paper, or cereal box yourself.
1. Trace it on the fabric squares and cut out 4 of them.
2. Once you have 4 pieces of cut out fabric, with right sides together, sew along the wide bottom side. You should have 2 pieces of what's shown in the picture above.
3. Open the seam allowance. Put the two pieces together, with right side facing, sew alone the black line. Remember to sandwich one end of the elastic. Normally, you can leave out a much smaller opening if you use softer quilting fabric, but I find it impossible to turn the whole thing right side out with this sturdy fabric if the opening is too small.
4. Clip the corners and cut the fabric near the seam allowance too, so it gives you sharp corners and the middle part won't look too bulky.
5. Turn the whole thing right side out. I used a chopstick to straighten the seams along the stitched line.
6. Now fold in 1cm of the opening raw edges. Press it. Insert the other end of the elastic. Use wonder clips or pins to secure them. Then sew a top stitch around the whole band. When it's finished, go over the two ends where the elastic is inserted, and sew two more lines on each side to secure the elastic.
There you have it, easy fabric headband for your kids. For the adult version, the only change you need to make it to use a longer elastic. You can make it literally using any scrap fabric you have. if your fabric is longer than 24cm, fold it in half and put the bottom of your template where the fold is and start from Step 3.  Whatever works for you.
See you soon with more little projects to share.


  1. So cute!! What a great idea for using up scraps!

    1. Lucinda, I am loaded with scraps! I've been stacking my stash boxes up and up and up....