Monday, February 1, 2016

Deep Blue Draped Collar Dress

I've been spotting beautiful pictures of heavy snow on Instagram. When I was growing up, it didn't snow much in Shanghai. I remember one year in primary school when it really snowed a lot. It's like all kids' fairy tale dreams had come true. We played in the snow and got ourselves soaking wet, our fingers frozen until they couldn't move anymore. The fun times.... Now as an adult, I immediately link snow to low temperatures. That fun part becomes non-existent. No wonder kids always say growups are boring.
Compared to the snow storms in the northern hemisphere, we had some heat waves coming last weekend. I sat at my sewing table most of the afternoon on Sunday. While I was making this dress, I couldn't stop picturing C and M at the beach, dipping themselves in the cool ocean. I was born not a beach person --- I suppose 99% Chinese aren't. I'm too protective of my skin to let it roast in the hot sun. Although the idea of sitting under an umbrella and having that cool ocean breeze on me is appeaing when fighting the heat. At least, the fabric I was working with reminded me of the deep blue sea.
When they came home after the beach at around 7pm I totally ignored that my daughter had turned to a piece of charcoal and rushed M to take pictures of me. I've left my tripod behind in the other house. The pictures weren't perfect because it was getting dark inside, and somehow my eyes were closed in most of them. Anyway, with my eyes closed, it should help you focus on the dress.
This pattern caught my eye when I got the book Feminine Wardrobe. Simple silouette, yet not all boxy. I admit I am a huge fan of baggy clothes. After a few projects with printed fabric, I needed to work with this plain blue. I think with the right choice of accessories, I can even go to a party with this. Or if it was made in orange color, I could've been sent to a temple with it. Often fabric plays a major role, don't you think? The entire hem is made with bias tape. That little triangle gusset at the bottom softens the hem and adds a subtle and feminine look to it.
This dress is not suitable for wearing for temperature above 30C. I almost melted in those 5 minutes of photoshoot. Good news is Autumn should be here anytime now and the dress and I are going to be BFF.

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