Friday, February 26, 2016

Clean and Natural Frilly Collar Pullover

That's me, coaxing my daughter to take pictures of me in my new top. I've discovered taking outdoor pictures eliminate a lot of unnecessary photoshopping. The pictures come out bright already and leave almost nothing for me to tweak --- a real time saver. However, she's got an agenda of her own now that she's in charge of the camera. I've managed to selected three pictures that actually have me in them. Taking pictures outdoor can be ... quite distracting.

The pattern is from Clean and Natural. I think my fabric choice hasn't strayed away from the name of the book. I'm trying hard to sew from my stash box. This fabric was hoarded almost a year ago from Japan. Double gauze, double softness.
Do I have the vibe of a field journalist with the camera bag? We can feel our autumn is approaching. Short sleeve top + long pants combo with a jacket for early mornings and nights need to play major roles in my wardrobe. That has reminded me --- I need more pants....
Till next time.

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