Saturday, February 20, 2016

Black Smock and White Linen Wide Leg Pants

Or shall I call it Smock Take Two? My first attempt to make this smock was a year and a half ago. I just started to sew/blog and was a complete immature. It's funny reading what I said back then about how C refused to wear pants. Nowadays she prefers separates. I think she has lived in the simplest tank top and shorts this summer. "Dresses are too girly." she says. My sewing skills have also evolved. It used to take me days reading instructions back and forth and looking for tutorials just to produce one top, now I almost always put a complete outfit together.
I'd also like to say that my taste has matured. C can back me up on this. She came home on Friday afternoon and studied the outfit for about a minute. "Mom, I thought it was your outfit, but it's in my size." I have a crave for plain fabric lately. Especially black. I am going through a black phrase. For the top, I used the leftover washer cotton fabric I used to make this romper. I really like that it feels a little fluffy on one side of the fabric. For the pants, it's cotton linen purchased a year ago.
Both patterns are from Sew Chic Kids. They are both easy to sew, with very minimum fiddling. Although I have to admit that almost invisible black ribbon under the buttons took me 6 attempts. It was either skew or pulling too much fabric from the sides. I didn't think the fabric could handle any more unpicking. It's something that would've bugged me only. I bet if I hadn't mentioned it, no one would zoom in the pictures to look for any imperfection.
Is the outfit a little mature on a 6-year-old? I hear you, but I think the balloon and piglet, together with the carefree laughs defeinitely soften the look. What do you say?
Whenever I've made something for myself, C always requests for something very similar, if not the same. I've thought deeply about shrinking the pattern pieces to scale. It should work, right? This time around, I wish there's an existing pattern for this outfit in adult's size. If not, I might just have to give pattern drafting another go, or put that theory of shrinking pattern pieces to practice.


  1. Both pieces are beautiful, and the top looks great with the big buttons. I guess it is kind of an 'adult' outfit - but as separates they could look 'younger' if that's what you prefer. And guess what - I've made both these patterns, but in the reverse colours of yours: a white top and black pants (made at different times, though, so they never got worn together). I really love the pants pattern, so simple and stylish. If only R wore pants...

    1. Oh yes, forgot to say - you need to get some of those Japanese mother-daughter pattern books so you can have matching outfits without the hassle of redrafting!

    2. Ha! Why am I not surprised that you've made both of them? Hasn't R hit that "pants and shorts only" stage yet? I'm planning to add more pants to her wardrobe for Autumn. I'm a little tired of leggings myself...

    3. I've got books with two matching outfits in the same book (sunny spot series I think?). Are there books specializing in matching outfits? I must investigate. Thank you.