Monday, February 15, 2016

A Flared Cape Sleeve Shirt

Good morning! Have you survived a Valentine's Day weekend? It felt like I just spent the whole weekend on kids birthday and dinner parties. It was a weekend that freed me from channeling my brain power for activity ideas. It was great.
I am somehow stuck to the Sweet Dress Book. It's pattern E from the book. Here is an image of the model I found online. She obviously rocks small floral print cotton fabric better than me. To avoid that 1950 housewife vibe that happened to me before, I pulled out a piece of check viscose buried deep in my stash box. I wanted the shirt to have some flowy effect. Once I started cutting through the fabric, I realized why I hadn't wanted to use the fabric. It's a nighmare. The fabric is so slippery and very loosely woven too. So it's hard for me to line up properly and manipulate the way I want it to be. I was ready to give up in my head. What can the worst scenario be? At least one more piece of stash fabric gone.
But as I sewed on, I really like how these two sleeves look like. They are literally two pieces of fabric draped on the shoulders, with bias tapes finishing the arm holes. The fabric I have chosen is so bouncy. This shirt deserves lots of movements so the the sleeves can fly. OK the fabric is a pain to work with but the result is worth it.
This shirt was 99% done by last Friday but it took me a whole weekend to sew on the buttons. The pictures were taken on Valentine's Day so C strongly suggested I take somekind of prop to represent the special day. To be honest, I wouldn't mind holding chocolate bar either, as long as I get to keep it afterwards....