Friday, January 29, 2016

Weekday Bits

It has been a good week for me.
At the beginning of the year, I signed up for this active rewards programme with our medical aid, and I get weekly goals and an app to remind me. Once I've achieved the goal, I get a free juice/smoothie/coffee. Thus far, I've achieved three goals. I am not a smoothie/coffee person, but funny enough this silly strategy works for me. It motivates me to go exercise and reach my goal.
I've realized that I am a goal person. I need something to lead me. Life is crazy as it is and it's so easy to let the time slip through your fingers. I've always wanted to document more often but ometimes I ask myself why I sew and then write about it. Who's ever going to see my growth as a sewist (?), or be interested to know what's going on in my life? Here, I need to thank to all the lovely people who support me with their kind comments and likes on my instagram page, facebook link and here on the blog. Even if I've only got one reader, my goal is to deliver the content.
It's about living your life full, isn't it? For 6 years, I've been giving all my attention to my daughter and set being-a-good-mother as my utmost priority. By doing that, I started to lose myself and my own life. I want to be a little selfish this year and I'm slowly getting  back to my pre-child spirit. Being able to work and be acknowledged definitely brings positivity. See I've written something every single day this week. I think I'm on the right path this time.
Have a great weekend.

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