Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weekday Bits

There are an old love and a new love in the picture above. Cold water with ice, for chewing and drinking --- C's all year favorite.  Then this watercolor set is her new fave. I've been playing with watercolors here and there this school holiday, you know, just to lower my anxiety level when I'm not sewing. Of couse my daughter wanted to join me. However I found she's not quite efficient with the whole exercise of squeezing out the paint from a tube and mixing with water. After 20 "Mommy, help me."es, I got this pan. The best. Now she helps herself whenever she wants to paint something.

Since painting is all the rage now, we created a watercolor silhouette birthday card together. It seems to me that no matter how much you mess up with watercolors, they become an art of their own.
Inside the wrapping, it was a dress I made. I don't make clothes often as gifts, because going to the shop is far easier and sometimes cheaper too, depends on the fabric cost and totally ignoring my labor cost.  This year I hope to give handmade gifts, as often as I can.
C has started school today which means I've just earned sole ownership of our table for certain hours of the day. Here is to another year of sewing, and making.

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