Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Weekday Bits

Are you still on school holiday like us? C's got one last week to go until she becomes a proud Grade 1 pupil. There are a lot more excitements than being in the pre-primary school. Believe it or not, a whole new set of uniform code with matching school bags, shoes and socks is a highlight. When my in-laws came to visit during the holidays, she insisted on wearing the newly purchased Grade 1 uniform to the airport. One day, a friend of C's came over to play and I found them both wearing school uniform. Clearly, the uniform had just earned the membership to the dress-up department.
This holiday has been filled with mini day trips, lots of beach evenings, and most importantly, I am a hands-on art project mom. Before the holiday started, I told myself this time to just go with the flow. It's pointless to fight the house moving and school holidays, to squeeze out five minutes here and there, to burn the night oil, just to hear the sewing machine churn, is not entirely worth it. I miss that noise, no doubt, but I shake my head to that extra stress. Instead, I proposed a daily drawing/painting/doodling idea. Everyday, C and I would do at least one art related project. Well she's drawing almost every single day, it's more of a push for me to leave the broom behind and spend 10 minutes creating something. We usually sit at two different places and only show each other what we've done once we finish. I'm loving it and we've got a good collection each so far. Have you ever noticed how interesting the pattern on a melon is? What about your cup and saucer collection? I had never paid as much attention to day-to-day objects as I do now. Sewing opened the door to this whole world of creativity for me. Now even without a sewing machine (packed away in my closet until school starts, I hope) I am inspired and constantly have an art related project on the go. I never saw this coming and I'm liking my transformation.
Speaking of transformation, even though I don't have a resolution for the year, I see a more physically active, definitely more creative self. There's no going back now.

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