Monday, January 4, 2016

The Best of 2015, Part 1

One Chinese saying goes like this --- You aren't worried anymore once you've got too much debt; You don't feel the itch anymore once you've got too many lice.  I have neither debt nor lice, fortunately, but it got to a point, about two weeks ago, that I felt I had neglected my little blog. But now, I've become thick skined and I just keep giving myself enough tomorrow-is-another-day excuses while I enjoy the (school) holidays. I'm hopeless.

This post is delivered late, but it's one of those compulsory ones that I have to write every year. It's a summary of what I've created over the year and it's the very reason that I started documenting in the first place. Have you ever heard "If you don't write it down, it didn't happen."? Here's what happened in the past year.

Chapter C: Sewing for my little girl.
The photo collages are created by order of time.


Snow Dawn Dress with Buttons at the Back
A Star-Light-Star-Bright Bolero
Double Gauze Purple Sherbet Dress
Sevenberry Spring Jacket

Winterland Outfit --- Poncho + Skirt Combo
Knitted Classic Jersey
A Minion Outfit
DIY Tee + Hip Hop Pants Combo

Faux Fur Jacket
Spring-into-Action Outfit Part 1
Spring-into-Action Outfit Part 2
Summer Days Pyjamas Dress

Double Spined Snow Leopard Swimsuit
Tangerine Tango Frilly Blouse Mini Version
A Mavy Wavy Hollaween Costume
Mother-Daughter Collaboration Tee Shirt

31 outfits in total. Not a bad sewing year. I do wish I had time to sew more but hey (after one-and-a-half years I'm still telling myself that) I'm still in the learning phase and that speed is coming.
2016, I'm ready for you. 

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