Monday, January 25, 2016

Paint a Star

It all started from an artwork M brought home temperorily. He bought it on behalf of a friend and needed to wrap it to be sent away. My daughter and I looked at the gigantic piece. There's nothing more than straight lines. "This is so easy. We can do that.", said my 6-year-old. It indeed looked rather easy to make, but I'm sure there's a behind-the-"line" story or message. Anyway, what's important was I heard C saying "We can do that." and I don't tend to let go any crafting opportunity.
If you've been to my house, you'd know my walls are pretty empty. There's no pictures of us on the wall whatsoever and it lacks artwork, partly due to my preference to a clean space for photoshoots. But lately, I feel the walls are becoming too sterile. I bought some photo frames for C's room, but before I could even develop the photos, she always drew some pictures and proudly put them in her new photo frame. That's it. This house needs to become alive.

To make this star painting, it's not difficult. I believe there's not much technique involved. Basically, it's masking tape on --> paint --> wait, then repeat. C was keen at the beginning, but because often it required multiple coats and the drying time was a bit long, she lost interest and it became my job to get it finished, and her job to peel off the masking tape only.  But you know what, I really enjoyed it. And I look forward to filling up our walls in the future....
Sometimes I feel I've dabbed in too many things, that I'm slowly losing concertration. I believe sewing is still my focal point, but boy there're so many things to try and explore. Since it's still January, shall I dedicate this year to a good year of experiments and trial and error?
Till next time.


  1. Jing, this is AMAZING! You did a really great job with it, and I bet it will get loads of compliments.

  2. To be honest, I am an art amature and most of the time I don't know what I'm doing. But this... patience does the trick. Thank you for the compliment. :-D