Thursday, January 28, 2016

Back Tie Top and Button Up Skirt

C asked me yesterday, "When are you making the rest of Nounours' clothes?" I assured her that they are going to happen, plus Nounours has got enough clothes to rotate for now. At the mean time, I plan to do some more practical sewing. To call it practical, is actually questionable. C has the most clothing items in the family but the whole summer she wore mostly tank tops and shorts. I get it. They are practical. She's in school uniform five days a week now. How often do her other clothes get worn? Not often. But! My logic is when she does pass down her clothes to other kids, they would be at least still newish.
I like the gaps and imfection of her teeth, more than the outfit. I find it cute but it's a constant reminder to save up for braces, if they don't get straightened by themselves...
I'm digging through my stash boxes. Any fabric that's been in there for more than a year is too long. Often it's not because I don't use the fabric, it's because I cannot part with the leftovers. I'm not sure keeping on buying new boxes for the scraps is a good solution either. This grey fabric for the skirt had been used for a temporary curtain for a month. Of course "curtain fabric" is a big selling point here. "I'm wearing a curtain, mom." This is my first kids' skirt with fitted waist band. I can always move the buttons later on to make it last longer. The pattern is from this book.
There's a new extra mural at school this year called Eazystitch. It's more like "easy craft". There's stitching involved yet. C had her first lesson on Tuesday and made this wired heart with scrap ribbons and fabric. She's so very proud and insisted wearing it as a necklace for the photoshoot.
The highlight of this top is at the back. It's two pieces of the fabric overlapping each other at some part yet still releaving a little bit of the back, with a tie at the top. I'd wear it myself if it were in my size. Pattern from the same book.
She's into spelling and playing word games, which explains the masking tape galore on the wall. Part of learning is about making a mess and having fun, right? Very much like sewing.....


  1. This is so, so lovely! I love both the top and the skirt; I"ve made the skirt for my daughter but not the top - now I'm inspired to do so!

    1. Thank you, Lucinda. The top is so quick to put together. You should definitely do it, that is after you've consulted your daughter. :-D

  2. SO beautiful. I'm a huge fan of both these patterns - I made the same 'top and skirt' outfit for R last year. The second time I made the skirt I put elastic in the back part of the waistband so it would fit better (and for longer), which also makes it way easier to get on and off.

    I like your justification for sewing new clothes! R also wears school uniform and I've come to accept that sometimes I'm going to sew her stuff purely because I want to. Oh, and I like the wire heart, I think I'll do that with R sometime, she would enjoy it.

    1. I knew we were sewing sisters! I never put the 4th button on. There's nowhere to put it. Instead I hand stitched the bottom of that waist opening closed a little bit, so it won't form a big hole during movements. You are absolutely right. We sew for the art of sewing. wa ha ha ha