Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A Wardrobe for Nounours

When C was one year's old, she started watching this French cartoon called L'ane Trotro. It's a 3-minute short mini series, in French. We were looking at opportunities of moving to Quebec so some French would be handy. Anyway, there's this teddy bear called nounours (which means teddy bear in English) that belongs to the donkey, the main character. C had (still has) a teddy bear that looked just like the one in the cartoon, then she started to call it nounours. At that age, your brain absorbs everything you hear. Over the year, she has acquired many many other stuffed toys, but this teddy bear has a special place in her heart. 
This happened when she asked for a plain black outfit for her all-time favorite nounours. It was just a black top and shorts she needed. She was saying she'd like me to make her teddy bear a Woolworths outfit --- the staff wear black uniforms at Woolworths stores. Her specific instruction was to leave out the white "W" logo. I fulfilled the order -- Row two left one, but then I realized this is really fast and because both knits and stuff toys are stretchy/spongy materials, the fit is very forgiving. I had just found the best way to use some of my leftover fabric.
Once I started, I couldn't stop. These outfits take such little time to sew. It's addictive.
I briefly measured the teddy bear and drew these four pattern pieces. I left all the hems unfinished on knits because I wanted to make as many and fast as possible.
When C came home that day, she was beyond herself. These little outfits beat her Christmas presents. She immediately got a box and one by one folded everything neatly. "Nounours Wardrobe" she calls it. These little moments make sewing so worthwhile. "But mom, now Nounours needs  jackets, pajamas, capes, head pieces....."
I won't surprise myself to sit here again and write a Nounours Wardrobe update.
Untill then...
A bientot.

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