Friday, November 13, 2015

The Sick Days

Once or twice or year C is invaded by some virus from a more-than-mild group. It usually involves (a lot of) stay-at-home days. Her first and longest sick-leave from school was just over a year ago, when she had a tummy bug, with an ongoing fever for 4 days, followed by a slow recovery of tummy and appetite. Her very recent one was two days ago, from almost a reason unknown. Hoever, I suspect it's from the vaccination she had two weeks before that. Possible?
Talking about the sick days, I'm almost too scared to admit that I enjoy them. Of course it's not on acount of her being unwell, but rather the open policies on those days. Besides sleeping, there really isn't much she can do, due to the physical state. Generally, I am not too happy with the amount of time she spends on electronic devices. I am too shamed to admit the hours even to my best friend.  But during the sick days, if she wants to play or watch things on the iPad, she gets it, limitless. I think all she did for 3 days was, sleep + iPad. I had to picture her  on an aeroplane to a faraway place, with entertainment/space/energy limitations.
There is another plus side. Whenever she's sick, I automatically become bedridden too. It's the constant attention seeking that she's not grown out of. During the 3 sick days, I managed to finish reading a book, deleted 5000+ junk emails from my laptop, and kind of set a goal with actual plans for the coming year. The bed transformed into a functional office... I always worry and try plan out healthy meals for my fussy eater and whole family, but because she's lost all the appetite and I was needed there 24/7, I wasn't on cooking duty, which was a nice break for me too.
As always, breaks don't last forever, I'm happy she's fully recovered and has gone to school. The golden rules for TV and iPad are reapplied. I'm back on cooking duty. Farewell cereal diet.*
Until next year.....
* When I don't cook, no one cooks.
P.S. picture credit goes to C. She's started to write. I love the pattern on the birds body. That "Cocadudoldu" is my favorite.

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