Monday, November 9, 2015

Summer Necessity Tank Top + Shorts Combo

This tank top took me 20 minutes to sew. If I had used elastic instead of bias binding to finish off the neckline and arm holes, it would've dropped to 10 minutes. But why is it kind of special is not because of the time I spent sewing it up but the pattern drafting part.

When it comes to pattern drafting, I'm a lazy person at heart. I am too happy to use an existing tested pattern than to take on the drafting part myself. But this time I searched high and low on the internet and didn't end up with a basic girls' tank top pattern, to my liking. There are two versions here and here available online though. I even went to Fabric City to look for a basic pattern and came home empty handed. The tank top pattern they've got from Burda has very wide shoulder straps. It looks like a sleeveless tee. I have a very decent tee shirt pattern available, why bother getting another one without the sleeve pieces? I gave up.

From left to right, I tried to do a gathered version first but found it way too baggy. Then I adapted from a basic tee, curving the armholes and narrowing the shoulder straps. I could lower the front neckline a little more, but I was happy with the depth. From the second version to the third, I cropped a little more near the armholes and eventually made it more fitted, but not too tight. I had two meters of this not too stretchy knits to play with, and I achieved the final result without using up all the fabric.

I've learnt most of the techniques from the internet and I very much intend to digitize this basic tank top pattern and share it, once I've figured out how to draw pattern on Illustrator. I hope it doesn't too long.

These shorts were a quick sew and I can see they're going to become wardrobe staples. I made myself a pair of "granny pants" two weeks back and C's been nagging to get a same pair. I think this look most certainly accomplished her request.

We went to a Grade 1 preparation talk for parents at school last week and one speaker was saying how easily distracted a child at this age could be. She was talking about encouraging the kids to dress themselves in the morning. It's very possible in the middle of the dressing, they'd go to their Lego and start building, with sleeves hanging. I can so relate to that. If I have to wait and force C to dress herself every morning, I will need to set the alarm o'clock at least half an hour earlier. Look at her in the picture above, in the mere five-minute shoot, she had played with masking tape, grabbed a monkey mask and doodled on some unimportant school paper.

C's stayed at home today due to some potential tummy bug. My sewing plan for the week is blown up, but hey here's a little peek for the next project.
Hope to see you soon.

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