Friday, November 13, 2015

A Post Halloween Owl Costume

C went to school today dressed up like an owl. They got to dress to whatever they like, no fine print this time. Since the kids are restricted to school uniform daily, this day is like letting animals out of the zoo, or getting starved for 3 days then being led to a eat-as-much-as-you-can buffet (?). OK the metaphors might not sound right here. What I'm trying to say is they're all pretty excited and mine certainly was.
C: Mom, I think I'm going to a baker. I will need a chef's hat.
Me: (Out of all the possibilities, you chose to be a baker? You are not even into baking.) Sure, but is it something you really want to dress up to? You can be anything.
C: Well, I'd like to be an owl, and bring Oreo (they have to bring some snack that begins with the same letter of their outfit), but I don't have an owl costume.
Me: I can make you one.
C: ............ REALLY?! I want to be an owl. I want to be an owl. I want to be an owl. (repeat 10 more times)
If I had to give one good reason to why I've chosen to sew, I guess this is it. To know that I'm probably capable of making any costume (to a kid's standard), and to see the joys on her face, are pretty priceless. They are the best rewards one can ask for.
Maybe it's because that Mavy Wavy costume I made for Halloween was easy peasy. I was really happy to be assigned to the owl costume task. The most time consuming part was cutting out the felt feathers. I didn't count but there must be hundreds of them. I actually used that Mavy Wavy dress as a base (bye bye vampire dress), because what's faster than making up a new tee shirt dress is not making one. Remember I lost 3 days to the feverish combat. For the wings, I used a cape pattern from this book. I added two loops on the inside of the cape where her wrists are so the cape wouldn't shift around. The rest was "pin and sew", "pin and sew"...repeat.

The school's got some other upcoming events all jammed up at the end of the year that have dress codes in specific colors. How the school always picks out the colors that C doesn't own any outfit in is beyond me.

To that, I can only say SQUAWK SQUAWK SQUAWK. 
Something purple, something red, something white, until next time.

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