Saturday, October 24, 2015

Weekend Things -- Buckets and Toilet Plunger

Any guess what this is?
It's not an old fashioned Chinese style nightstool if that's what you are thinking.
Our washing machine broke down two weeks ago and we had to wait for about a week to have new pumps ordered and installed. I was going to lose it if we couldn't do washing for a week. Public laundry place you say? Well, the thing is I've got a bit of hygiene freak syndrome. Sharing a washing machine is clearly not a cure. Luckily, hubby's handy, thus this temporary manuel washing machine was born.
He drilled a lot of holes in one bucket and fitted it in another. It made big difference when the "machine" went into a rinse mode. I guess it must've been pretty fun to operate with a (brand new) toilet plunger, but I left it to the young.
Right after the new pumps were installed, our machine started to give a really loud noise, so it's hauled out of the house and disappeared again, for another week. It's still not fixed after all this time. But the good news it's functioning at the moment and I've got two weeks of heavy washing to finish before the machines give up on me.
Have a great weekend. I know mine will be dedicated to laundry.

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