Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Slow Cooker No Knead At All Bread

With the global banting upsurge, are you still a fan of bread? Well I'm not. Bread has never been my tummy friendly food. I become bloated almost instantly. But, I've got two carbivores at home who could happily survive on bread, if nothing else was offered on the table. Is that considered a fussy-eater syndrome? Anyway....

The other day when I was on way home after morning grocery shopping, I realized I had forgot to get bread. I didn't feel like going back to the shop just for that. "Wasting time" has been my mantra lately. I've become very time conscious, trying to be as productive as I can in the limited hours I have. I've given up dish washing and sweeping, these days laundry too, because our washing machine was broken and taken away for repair. M has bought big buckets and made a "manuel washing machine" temporarily. I refuse to take on that duty. You know sometimes you don't get much credit for doing the endless house chores. For the time being, I'm too ambitious to focus on my personal growth than doing other things to make everyone else happy, with very little appreciation. I don't know... it's a phase I guess.
Back to my bread.
So once I got home, I got out No Knead Bread Recipe from The Kitchn. There's a detailed How to Make Bread in the Slow Cooker here. It's really easy. By the time I got all 4 ingredients out and in the bowl, I got a phone call and had to leave the house immediately. I used one minute to give it a quick stir and dumped the gooey mixture in the lined slow cooker. Total time spent, including getting the ingredients and slow cooker out, was 5 minutes.

Slow cooker bread is not perfect. There isn't much air in it. After 2 hours, I put the whole loaf in the oven under the broiler to brown a little, just so my daughter can say "mommy, cut the crusts off please." The positive side it takes the same amount of time to make the bread in any kind of day, any kind of weather --- 5 minutes + 2 hours baking/sewing time.

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