Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Mother-Daughter Collaboration Tee Shirts with Flare Sleeves

My little girl was haunted by a self-drafted tee shirt I made for myself back in May. Since then, she kept on asking if and when she's going to have the exact same polka dot design. I wear it mostly as work clothes when I know I might get messy because I am not so fond of the fit, or the paint job. Somehow she adores the polka dots, even the wonky ones. I don't know why it took so long for me to make such a simple t-shirt, but hey we did it and we proudly named it Mother-Daughter Collaboration Tee.

The process is very simple. Freezer paper is the hero. I cut out holes, ironed the paper on the front bodice. Then the fun began. Because it's ironed on tight, the painting part is very forgiving. C chose seven colors, then it reminded me of the Tangram that I played as a kid. Endless possibilities with just seven colors in seven different shapes.

This diamond is painted by the exact same seven colors. I found the design here and just freehanded it on freezer paper. This one required a bit precision, as the border lines inbetween colors are very thin.

I've probably sewn no less than 10 basic tees. I'm sure I can easily use the pattern another 10 more times. But I'm ready to mix and match patterns to create my own looks. I used sleeve pattern from my Flamingo Flare Sleeve Dress. Don't the tee shirts have a girly twist now? I have about 20 Japanese sewing books so far, for both girls and women, one special one for men's clothes. I think I'm set for life.

She really likes the tee shirts especially the one she painted herself. She put on the music and started dancing. "Mommy, take photos." So I had over 200 photos with repetitive poses. "Mommy, take more photos." Yeah, on it....

She had another haircut during the school holidays. It just keeps on getting shorter and shorter. Short hair is the new black (or black sheep) I say. And here she was, happy and sweaty from the all the dancing. Keep it up girl.

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