Sunday, October 25, 2015

Deer and Doe Plantain Tee + Chambrey Granny Pants Combo

How's your weekend? Mine was filled with sewing and self mocking.
Remember the jacket dress I sewed up about a week ago from this gorgeous Making and Styling Book by Yoko Obara? And that all the patterns in the book are seam allowance inclusive? I couldn't help but went for the same book again, for the sake of ...umm...speeding up the pattern tracing process. Ok not really, since the book really has some styles that I fancy.

This tee shirt deserves a post of its own.
So as I was thinking what to pair with the pants, a plain black tee came to mind. I did try drafting a plain tee before, but the fit was a little off and if there's an existing pattern I could use immediately, I'd grab it without a second though, especially if it's for free. I want to worship this tee shirt pattern and the designer. Deer and Doe's Plantain Tee is the answer to my all-season wear. The pattern comes with 7 sizes (!!) and it's so so professionally done. The fit is spot on.

Now I present you this pair of wide legged granny pants. They are packed with details around the waist area as I spent most of the sewing hours there. Somehow I love this kind of boxy style and I always tend to go for them. But once I put them on, M said, "granny pants!" OK, I admit I have seen grannies in their 3/4 length loose pants, but even if the same pair of pants can be worn into different styles on different persons, or ages in this case.

I am missing a belt here. I've searched high and low for one but failed. When was the last time I worn one? 7 years ago maybe? A belt would've accomplished the look. What do you say?

The pants are indeed well made, if I do say so myself. I'm very proud of neat stitches.
Granny pants kind of have a ring to it and I'm keeping the name.

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