Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Chambrey Pants with Tucks and Enough Pockets

I got a thumbs-up. My daughter is in love with these pants. She's cut her hair short and now she's into pants. That once princessly girly girl is slowly transforming into ... er... modern chic?

I've noticed her always putting her hands in her pants pockets. It's not that she feels uncomfortable and have nowhere to put her hands, it's just I think that she thinks it looks cool to do that. We're entering a cool phase here. Going through her closet, I don't see a single pair of proper pants with side pockets, besides her school uniform. I did what any sewing mama would do.

Truth be told, these pants were never on my to-do-list when I got the book at the beginning of the year. They looked, well, quite complicated, with tucks, front and back pockets, and a mock fly, tiny pieces to cut for the belt loops. Back then, I was very comfortable with 4 pattern pieces and less. I loved the fine details but I was too intimidated by the extra work.

These pants have marked a sewing milestone of mine. I love them as much as C does, if not more. They are super fun to sew. It's like building Lego. The building experience is fun and the end result is enjoyable.

C's school has a strict uniform code. "But, I can wear these pants when I wake up in the mornings and then change to school uniform just before I leave. I want to wear them all the time." That's an ultimate compliment. What's next? A pair of cargo pants with even more pockets? I'm definitely getting out all the pants and shorts patterns for this summer.

Woo-hoo! She's actually dancing to music while I snapped hundreds of shots. It's becoming a ritual that we both look forward to. The music never stopped and she carried on dancing the whole afternoon away. I wonder if the next pair of pants will have the same magic...

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