Monday, October 12, 2015

Bye Holiday Hi School Term

Hello Monday and the beginning of another school term!
We had three very relaxed weeks, which involved a lot of park visits since Spring's here. To be honest, C and I are both indoor persons. But somehow I felt obligated to take her to do outdoor things. It's like that's the right thing to do.

We've successfully moved our meal time to the dinning table --- it's a big change. There isn't anything new on C's menu but she's been in the kitchen a lot, helping me prepare food. To supplement our usual white rice, the other day I got this pack of brown rice + wild rice + peas combo to try out. It's a fail. C kept on spitting out every single pea, until she declared that she wanted nothing to do with that rice. I guess it was a good move turning it into an activity. We picked all the peas. As a matter of fact, we had so much fun doing that that we decided to pour all the peas back into the rice and redo it, twice.

The holiday's packed with everyday things and little triumphs here and there. For example, after a year, we've finished Suzuki Piano Volume 1. This whole experience is very smooth. I can say C has enjoyed it since she goes to the piano volunteerily to play. I resented piano during my childhood. It felt pushed and forced, like everything else my father made me do, even though today I thank him for exposing me to all those beautiful things. The least I want for my daughter is to have the same experience like I had. Learning really can be fun, especially at this age, it's up to the teacher and parent to make it fun. Before we rush to open Volume 2, we are going over some of the old songs and having a family recital, which basically means playing the piano in a fancy dress.
Why that salad picture? Oh, you know. School's started. Seeing that freshness kind of gives my mind a kick start, adjusting from pretend game mode to sewing mode, fish fingers to greens...

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